Windows 8 Preview Updates


Contrary to my assumptions Microsoft release some Updates for Windows Developer Preview in the last view Weeks.

Update KB2620911 – Fix an Error of Internet Explorer. – Update from 12.10.2011
Internet Explorer crashes, and the “<'input text="">” control incorrectly mirror-images text in Windows Developer Preview

Update KB2605658 – Fix Problemes with Applications in Windows Developer Preview
Application Compatibility Update for Windows Developer Preview

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Change Startscreen at Multimonitor usage


In Windows 8 it is possible to Change the Startscreen from one Monitor to a other, that means you can choose which Monitor should Display the Logonscreen and Startscreen.
You can do this with the Icon in the taskbar. This icon is always displayed on the monitor that is just not the monitor for the home screen.

Startscreen Icon

Icon to Change the Startscreen

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Copy Process – USB to Disk


I’ve just copied a large 1.4 GB file from a USB-Flash Drive to a different USB-Flash Drive. It went off in a normal pace, so with about 18Mb/s.
But then i was quite surprised, when i copied the same file from the same USB-Flash Drive to an internal disk that ran off with 900Mb/s. I couldn’t believe it.
But the file has arrived complete and in order on the disk.

I think i’ll look at it in the next few days how it works. Where Microsoft has been turning the screw ? :-)

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Windows 8 – Internet Explorer 10 – Spell Checking – Auto Correction


After i got more and more contact with auto correction and spell check in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10, i decided to collect precise information.

I was able to watch that in Textarea in Internet Explorer all written Text will be checked and if necessary it will automatically correct.


Rechtschreibprüfung in Deutsch

This Review costs its Resources and Performance and if i tap quickly it’s possible that it comes to swallow letters.
My System is proper a fast system, but if i had many Applications open and maybe an compute-intensive Application runs too, it will lead to the described behaviour that letters will swallow.
In my opinion this will happen more often if english text is checked and if the Language Settings (not the OS Surface) are set to German. If you switch to englisch ( Windows Key + Space ), this behaviour becomes better.

The Wordcorrection will execute by the Application MsSpellCheckingFacility.exe.

Taskmanager View MsSpellCheckingFacility.exe

MsSpellCheckingFacility.exe im Taskmanager

You will find the Application in %SystemRoot%\system32\MsSpellCheckingFacility.exe
MsSpellCheckingFacility.exe in Explorer

Explorer Path to MsSpellCheckingFacility.exe

The System Dictionary is located in %SystemDrive%\Windows\Globalization\ELS\SpellDictionaries

System Dictionary Files

System Dictionary Dateien

Each Lanaguage contains one *.dub and one *.lex File.
If one word is unknown to the System Dictionary, it is possible to add them over the context menu. That word will be add to the User Dictionary.
User Dictionary

Benutzer Wörterbuch

The User Dictionary contains three files (default.acl, default.dic, default.exc). Added words will be written in clear text to the default.dic file. Each Language has it’s own Dictionary which will be stored in different Folders (for German : de-AT; for English : en-US).

This Review is an Performance issue, and maybe you want to disable it.
To this Topic i found many crazy things to do in the Web. I do not want to list all here, but some of them you can read here:

  • Kill the App MsSpellCheckingFacility.exe with taskmanager – it’s only a one time solution, because the App will loaded again after rebooting of your system
  • Rename MsSpellCheckingFacility.exe to MsSpellCheckingFacility_old.exe – since i’m not sure whether the OS Protection rebuilds the application.
  • and so on, and so on ..

But there is an official way provided by Microsoft to do that.
If all Language components (OS Surface, Keyboard, and so on) are set to englisch, there is an Setting in Metro Style Surface Control Panel viewable.

Control Panel

Metro Style Control Panel

My opinion, it is better to choose the official way. :-)

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Games working on Windows 8 Developer Preview


Update to Games working on Windows 8 Developer Preview

Just now Lukas Jo Kelleter wrote to me, that he was able to run the following games under Windows 8 Developer Preview successfully:

  • Crysis 2
  • Battlefield 3
  • Alle Call of Duty Teile
  • GTA San Andreas
  • GTA IV
  • Just Cause 2
  • Far Cry 2
  • Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Furthermore, Lukas could also notice that the performance under Windows Developer Preview 8 is about 5 fps better.

Many Thanks Lukas for the information

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Windows 8 Preview Updates


It seems Microsoft want publish further Hotfixes for Build 8102.
Microsoft has guaranteed an higher build internally, and publishing Hotfixes for some “old” Builds is surely not easy to handle.

But my System rather run stable, but to the behavior, that my System sometimes reboots instead of shutdown. I’m not able to find coarser errors.

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Taskmanager – control Applications and Services


The Windows Task Manager has been renovated from top to bottom. I’m of the opinion that the improvements are worth a Review of them.

Well, it seems that Microsoft have made new thought to view the Taskmanager. There is a minimal view which shows only running Apps, this view is already enough for inexperienced users to handle and stop hang applications. Just as a hint for everyone : the handle with the Task Manager can lead to instability of the system, working always with caution.

Taskmanager in minimal design

Taskmanager with Standard View

For the Administrator opens the link “more details” a jazzed up Taskmanager

Tasmanager with detailed Process View

Taskmanager and all running Processes

The Performance View provides current detailed charts for components like CPU, Memory, Discs and Network. This Performance Charts delivers Information about the current State of the System

The CPU Performance

Taskmanager with CPU Performance View

CPU Performance

Depending on the number of CPU’s according Charts will displayed. In addition, informations are obtained about the System and it’s utilization. This makes it possible to assessment of whether the CPU is already running on the last groove or it is idled all the time.

The Memory Performance

Taskmanager with Memory Performance View

Memory Performance

This View provides Information about Memory usage. Is enough Memory available or need the system more to work properly.

The Disc Performance

Taskmanager with Disc Performance View

Disk Performance

Each available Disc has it’s own Chart and provides information about Disc IO’s. That helps to control whether the disc has enough resources. Of course only as a aspect of transfer. Whether the disc is full does not appear at this chart.

The Network Performance

Taskmanager in der Performance Ansicht

Network Performance

This charts displays the current network traffic. If their is a lot of network traffic on the networkcard and no data should be transmitted (Note: a little background noise in current Windows Versions is always the case), you should even check your System for viruses. Or analyze the traffice more accurately with an network scanner.

App History
This Tab delivers the ability to see which application runs since the system has started and how many CPU Time, Memory and Network traffic it generates.

Application History of Taskmanagers

App History in Taskmanager

This function was apparently assumed from the old MSConfig Tool, which is sill available in Windows 8.
Startup lets you control which applications will be loaded on system start. This applications can disabled or enabled for the next and further starts.
Provided that sufficient knowledge about the system are present, it is possible to get some Performance improvements.

Startup Apps & Services

provides Applications and Service which will be loaded on system start

This Tab arrange all running apps according to users. This is again a minimal view per user and their performance need.

User View Taskmanager

closed view of users

Which delivers a detailed view for each user, after the user was selected. Using the context menu on users you are able to disconnect them or to switch into user management.
User View Taskmanager

lists users and their running processes

This view is familiar from the old Process Monitor to view the currently running processes and their ressource needs.

Details View in Taskmanager

delivers a current detail view of all running processes

The Service View delivers information about all services and their state available on the system. Is the service running, or is it stopped ? You can start or stopp services in this view. The Button on right buttom of taskmanager will direct you to service management console.

Service View in Taskmanagers

informations of running or stopped services

All in all, the new Task Manager is a successful business.

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Games working on Windows 8 Developer Preview


Gameupdate in Windows 8 Developer Preview

After installing Patch 5 for Unreal Tournament the Game works to in Windows 8 Developer Preview.
Only Mousemovement to the left Border of Screen switch the System die Metro Style Surface.
The Patch is available at Unreal Tournament 3 – Patch 5 and can be downloaded on this site.

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Games working on Windows 8 Developer Preview


I want to list Games here, which are able to run below Windows 8 Developer Preview x64.

I’ve already installed successfully the following Games:
Civilization 5
Anno 1404

Civilization 5

Anno 1404 Logo

And this Games doesn’t work (unfortunately the Games doesn’t run in XP SP3 compatible Mode as well):
Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament 3

If you found some Games running or running not below Windows 8 Developer Preview, post this in an commment here @ this post. So other people can take advantage of this

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Applicationtroubles with Windows 8 Developer Peview – Part Two


Skype Version still notify me that it “stopped working”.

Now, a search on the Internet brings amazing things.

Starting Skype from “normal” Windows Desktop, klicking Desktop Icon, Skype don’t run and brings up that error message. Starting Skype by Metro Style, Skype works perfect.
I suspect if Skype will start by Metro Style Surface other procedure calls load Skype, so that it works.

I will inspect that precisely ….

Put out my Swiss Army Knife (Sysinternals Process Monitor) and analyse both thread creations ….

Noticeable is the DLL’s initialization of audio components and the Windows firewall to be loaded at different times.

More suspicious is the communication of Skype.exe with Almost everybody can something presume ….

At this Position Skype means to terminate itself.

Process Monitor Log - Thread Exit

Ausstieg aus Skype

Unfortunately i’m not able to see suspicious processes before WerFault.exe (belongs to Windows Error Reporting) was loaded. Let us see, though we find out anything together with Network Monitor.
Doing so there is no reason of reproduceable starting Skype from Desktop or Metro Style Surface, but i’m not able to imagine an correlation. ….

What i can see in the logs of Network Monitor, is that Skype encrypted his communications, that sounds good :-)

Skype Kommunikation

verschlüsselte Skype Kommunikation

Process Monitor

Process Monitor Log bei auftreten des Fehlers

Between Skype runs and WerFaul.exe starts, there is no special Networktraffic. Some DNS Queries, one ICMP.
Skype Kommunikation während des Fehlers

Skype Kommunikation während des Fehlers

And the Communication to Microsoft’s Error Reporting Servers works fine, too.

Watson Error Report

erfolgreicher Verbindungsaufbau zu den MS Error Reporting Servern

After all i’m not able to detect what happend and what the reason is, why Skype starting over Metro Style surface runs, and Skype starting from Windows Desktop ends in a crash.
It seems that there is a need that the Software vendor talks to Microsoft. …. Ohhh, i forgot, the Software vendor is Microsoft. Well then :-)

Once again for those who search for an solution : Start Skype by Metro Style Surface and it will run

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